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Residential Locksmith Services

Don’t leave your family’s security to chance. Your home is your haven and you want to make sure that you and your family always feel safe and secure in it.

Key Tech Force Locksmith uses the most up-to-date key and lock technology to make sure your home is secure.

We can install a variety of lock systems from the most reliable and trusted manufacturers, whether that’s a traditional lock and key, a keypad pin entry lock, or a high security deadbolt lock.

Stop wondering how many keys the previous property owner has kept. You don’t have to install all new locks on your home.

Save money by having Key Tech Force Locksmith re-key your existing locks for the security that comes with knowing you and your family are the only ones with keyed access to your home.

Have a lock that isn’t working properly? Guess what…locks that don’t work don’t get used. Let Key Tech Force Locksmith repair those locks so they work smoothly and correctly again.

And of course, we can get you back inside your home when you find yourself locked out.

For all of your residential locksmith service needs, call Key Tech Force at 813-592-5924.